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Question by FreakinToddles: Wherever to locate drapes/curtains with drapery hooks or pins?
Hey this is a continuation, aliceK you said:
“You need to have drapes and drapery hooks or pins for this kind of track. You can discover them just about anyplace, including Goodwill and a great deal of Dollar Merchants. But if you want some thing to block the warmth, I’d propose you search for heavy foam-backed drapes. You might get lucky and discover some good ones at Goodwill, but you’ll most likely have to go to someplace like Target, Penney’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and so forth..”

JCPenney is obtaining a Wonderful sale on the internet for drapes/curtains but they all seem to be rod curtains, none of the drapes say that they are for/can be utilised with hooks?

Am i blind or are there none?

here’s a website link to the thermals:|28498

Greatest answer:

Remedy by lax9314
Bed Bath and Past
-they have a great assortment
-quite cheap

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